Tsar Nuclear Device

Also known as the Tsar Nuclear Bomb and the Nuclear Weapons Device, this device was, presumably, constructed by the communists in their attempt to take over JHT Sector.

Physically, it was a cylinder, 100cm x 60cm, housed in a rectangular frame, and emblazoned with the radiation symbol. There were two connectors on one end, which could supply power. They could also be connected to a keypad.

For a while, the Tsar was captured, and used to power Nukabot. It did not yet have a keypad at this point.

Eventually, though, it was re-captured by the communists, allowing them to give it a keypad and arm it.

Unbeknownst to them, their arming mechanism was flawed. The code 1-D-10-T would make the Tsar detonate immediately, but any other code would cause the timer to reset to 24:00:00.

They did get one thing right, though: tampering with the keypad, for example, attempting to remove the connectors, would shorten the remaining time on the countdown.

The Tsar was re-captured, and moved to the Underplex, to a disused Armed Forces range. Though an attempt was made to disarm it, it detonated, resulting in the destruction of the range, and the termination of Speed-Y-DOF-1 and Massacrebot.