Forkbot C-3/K418-69g-17(c)48 ("Nukabot")

Nukabot was fitted with kevlar armour at some point in its operational life. Originally, this caused excess battery drain, requiring that it not stray far from its assigned charging station.

The team met Nukabot during the communist takeover of JHT Sector, and utilised it during the mission. However, this caused Nukabot's power pack to drain while it was too far away from its charging station. As such, the team made the decision to retrofit what they perceived as a nuclear generator device recovered from the Communists, giving it the name Nukabot in the process.

Events transpired to destroy Nukabot's asimov circuits, and later, its front axle. This caused it to decide to leave the team pending repairs. However, the repair team was terminated by communists, who retrieved the generator.

Since then, the bot has been fully repaired, and is once again powered by a nuclear device, albeit a proper micropile this time.

During the team's second mission, Nukabot would again become damaged; this time, it would lose its manual controls and much of the kevlar plating on one side. It remained operational, however.