Armourbot X1 ("Massacrebot")

A prototype for a new type of bot, intended to serve the Armed Forces. Due to the communist takeover of JHT Sector, some parts needed to be scrounged from other bots -- for instance, the bot brain is from a petbot. The use of older parts is a design decision.

Do not refer to it as an overgrown petbot.

Sadly, the bot was destroyed in the line of duty.


  • A heavy slugthrower with 117 rounds.
  • A cone rifle with 48 rounds.
  • Speed-Y-DOF-1 (pilot)
  • A box of ammunition (duct taped to frame):
    • Several slugthrower rounds (solid slug, clearance YELLOW)
    • Several ORANGE laser pistol barrels.
    • Crude slugthrower (unloaded)
  • Tyre repair kit (duct taped to frame):
    • Adhesive
    • Rubberlyke inner tubes
    • Rubberlyke patches
    • Patch gel for damaged wheels
    • Small tyre pump