• YELLOW jumpsuit (cut open) and boots
  • Series 1550 PDC (YELLOW).
  • ME Card.
  • A RED towel, tied around his arm as an armband.

Left in the truckbot:

  • A set of ORANGE reflec (worn).
  • A set of extremely damaged YELLOW reflec.
  • His old ME Card.
  • A "revolver" (YELLOW).
  • Another slugthrower.
  • One spare laser pistol barrel.
  • Laser pistol body with YELLOW barrel.
  • A road atlas of Alpha Complex, approx. 10 yearcycles old (YELLOW)
  • An R&D Happy Rock.

(Where did this go? He's no longer carrying it, at least:)

  • Azir-R's old wheelchair, which holds:
    • Azir-R's old ME Card.
    • One packet of visomorpain (INFRARED).
    • Laser pistol with RED barrel.
    • A Happiness Officer MBD Badge
    • A Troubleshooter Helmet
    • A set of RED reflec
    • A laser pistol fitted with a RED barrel
    • One spare laser pistol barrel.
    • A strange laser rifle body/stapler/emergency power pack combination.