written by Gligar on Sep 23, 17:08

Medical bay, Corridor J4, Alpha Subsector

Jam-Y looks on in horror. Surely he wouldn't...!

L4-O believes the GREEN's actions to be worthy of vatslime reassigmment duty. He also wonders exactly how the GREEN intends to carry out his threat, as he seems to be unarmed. "I don't need weapons to terminate someone!"

The other Junior Citizens have realised that one of their number is in danger, and they start to round on the GREEN. They change their chant: "Commie! Commie! Commie!"

(Well, except for the one who doesn't notice that the others aren't saying "Mutant!" any more.)

Corridor J4, Alpha Subsector

Nukabot carries on its journey... Oy to be stopped at a checkpoint. "Back again, forkbot? And who are these jokers?"