List of Troubleshooter teams

Team Name Sector Notes
Epsilon JHT The first team to receive focus, Team Epsilon was responsible for putting down the communist uprising of JHT Sector.
Ivy DNK This team no longer exists; its members were wiped out by a Code 7 incident in DMV sector (caused by ?Headgrabber through Leeroy-O-JNK-5).
Pickaxe GDG Not much is known about Team Pickaxe. They had the misfortune to meet [NAME REDACTED] when he was on the run, prompting the Loyalty Officer to declare them all traitors and execute them, before terminating [NAME REDACTED] at the cost of his own life.
Sigma JHT JHT Sector's other known team, currently on its first mission.
(Unknown) ??? Seen passing through an Internal Security checkpoint.
(Unknown) JHP Encountered in JHP Sector by Team Sigma.
(Unknown) JHT? Seen exiting a debriefing room. They are known to have terminated at least their team leader for treason.
(Unknown) ??? Mentioned on the Project Reanimator tape; operated c. 30 yearcycles ago